Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

A non-smooth upgrade path

OK, that was not the most inspiring experience. Evidently the Acer TravelMate was not made to be disassembled easily. So I'm going to have go the hard way. Fortunately, I discovered that I still have my external CDRW, the one that was brand new in 2001.

...shit, I think I just killed the onboard mouse. Fuck. Opening up Allegra? Such a very bad plan. Very, very, very bad plan. I may have to open it up again in order to fix what I have done. Because the touchpad no longer works, and I do not have a ps/2 mouse handy.

...though I could conceivably drive to Walmart to get one at this hour of the night.

But. Fuck. This is not a good hardware thing to be doing.

I do have a serial mouse. Yay serial mouse. But. Ow. It's not detecting it. ...Something tells me I'm going to be up pretty late.

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