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Too much work and a birthday If not for the Hello Kitty, I might wear it, though not at my wedding (should I be so lucky as to have one).

Got unofficial sanction from the bondmate to drop by this weekend. He's adjusting, I think.

Today at work was dire. "What happens in the bullpen, stays in the bullpen."

It's a sign of departmental strength when the department is taking care of its own issues, and not calling in someone from outside it to fix things. People new to the department will be learning that it's always preferable to call the break room and interrupt someone on break than it is to interrupt a day manager who is here way late.

I started out the day a bit late, and didn't get my job set up properly. Close enough, though. I didn't get attendance done. That's what the shift verification report is good for doing... I wound up briefing some guy on the job. Live briefing is deadly tiring. 3pm rolled around and I was just barely out of there. We got cleared to dial until 8:30 local time.

There was chaos. I was behind. I use the two dead hours for catching up and getting the shift started right, so I was two hours behind. Didn't have quite enough breakfast, either. At six I was stressed, snapping, swearing, and losing English very, very fast.

I did wind up going on break at 7, after switching my people over to the Dendarii survey and getting them started to brief. We ran out of Pacific sample, and that was the last we could dial. They just blew through Central and Mountain. So K-Bone went off to generate more sample, and I ran in back to get some much-needed food in me.

I called Darkside at the end of break, and we had a few nice quiet little moments. I am starting to gather teasing from co-workers on the topic of the guy. I had to call him today, because that's what friends do on birthdays. I'd been hoping that I could make it over tonight, but that was not to work out, as work was running late. I said I was sorry.

The Nondescript Geek figured out what was up with the Cisco kid Security Agent and explorer.exe -- turns out it's trying to install an Outlook Express icon on the desktop. Oi!

K-Bone got done generating the sample after I came back from break, and we got the people swapped over. Again. This is getting really frustrating for everybody. We did not get planned ints tonight. Dammit. At least I did make a little spreadsheet detailing what we've been dialing and why it's not doing so well. And putting it in the shift notes. I am getting hailed as 2nd in spreadsheet leetness under Management.

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