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Raven's child's rainbow

LJ thinks I am an hour later than I am, so that last entry was actually an hour earlier.

Writers' group yesterday was an adventure. easalle was there! There were several amusingly near-identical reactions upon seeing her, most of which involved squealing. It was fortunate for all of us that the odd paranoid divorced woman who stopped in was not actually intent upon becoming a part of the group. There was this unspoken riple of consensus going around that she and the group were a really awful mismatch. She was scary. I hope I represented for my fellowship of geeks.

There was a certain amount of debauchery over dinner. Our favorite gay waiter is back, and he's all tan! There were dessert moments involving strawberries. Then there was all the earring fun.

Today K-Bone noticed that I was here and in my usual uniform. She said that when she saw Snarky Lady next, she was going to cite me as an example that black is in fact not a depressing color: I wear all black, and I am never depressed.

I mentioned this to Darkside as proof that I am a very good actress. He took it as proof that my co-workers are falliable. In retrospect, it is also evidence that the meds are working. (For the new to this journal: I'm on St. John's Wort, with the uncomfortable realization that I will probably never be able to come off.)

I got an e-mail back from Management. Commander Clueless of the USS Delete Button hosed the copied disks. Dammit. I have only myselves to blame. I will have to duplicate about a week's worth of work.

I will also have to take a week out of Field to work on the stats project that the Queen Bee left us. Joy. On the other hand, this may mean that I will have the Pirates opening night and the subsequent morning free and clear without even having to ask for it.

As a Wierd Pagan Shit first responder, I do not always get to see the extended aftermath of the situations I get involved in clearing up. Sometimes I do. I don't think my role in the extended cleanup action was particularly prominent, or exixted at all, for that matter, but it's nice to see that the cycle of life rolls on. It was Solstice, and my observation was small and very personal.

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