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There are addresses you don't send things to from your work e-mail address. of them being LJ. Therefore, the steps to post
from the computers that I wouldn't go online with are
more convoluted now: e-mail myself, or save a draft,
and then pick it up on one of the computers that I can
get online from, or pick it up at home.

La la la la la. It was “the other, evil, [you]” who
earned that dreadful monitor report.

Some people are an active joy to monitor, mostly in
contrast to those around them. Some people seem
to have been asleep during the job briefing.

Monitoring the Philosopher always gives my RDA of
Vitamin WTF.

...then again, when the Philosopher does not earn a
Really Bad Report, it’s a good day. It’s not such a
good thing when a Screaming n00b has the kind of
report where I was kind and gave them a matched pair
of minuses instead of giving them the bang that they
really earned, on account of them being a n00b.

...Joshie saw some rather bizarre neologisms in a Dell


I am having a Too Much Coffee day. I would rather be
out walking or else surfing the net on a computer with
a half-decent processor, but there you go. Here I am
at work.

...The Fucking Hyper Phone Goon affects a
quasi-Southern accent for use on the phone when he is
somewhat bored. He had me in hysterics. Note: making
the monitor laugh is only sometimes a good sign. This
time at least there was enough general competence
spread around so that on paper things looked better
than they might have otherwise.

... D00d should not be paraphrasing or making personal
comments on this survey. He is a whiz kid on the
Dendarii Brewing Company survey, where one is allowed
to paraphrase and perhaps even get friendly with the
boozed-up respondents. I expressed quite vehemently
that the job in question could TAKE HIM BACK. And
please not to be having him on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB again.

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