Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Little tiny random bits of life

Semagic is now installed on Allegra. This is going to be much easier on me than relying on the website. As much as I love LJ, clients have it all over the actual update page on the site.

I crashed out around 8, stirred briefly at 10, then crashed some more until midnight. I hate sleeping in four-hour blocks of time, but that's what I tend to do when I'm this tired. Alas.

I need to set my tab order for Semagic the way I like it on one machine, and then copy the tab.ini file so that I'll have it, really, for all the other machines that I've got Semagic on, because OMG, the trouble that changing the tab order causes! I like the tab order to follow the visual layout, the pattern I'm looking at the screen.

There are some really cool sounds left over on this machine: there's a collection of Star Trek .wavs, and I've set up the TOS hail whistle sound for my Semagic alert. *smirk* I am such a geek.

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