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Geeking Out

The David Bowie's Pants party was tonight. I came late, with cherries. Danielle and her husband came late, with wine. A good time was had by all except for the ailing cable connecting TV and computer. Cats were about and generally catty. There was a good extended-geek-session at the end with me playing the part of silent follow-along-person; it's refreshing for me to be in the middle of geektalk involving other women that features me as the not-so-knowledgeable party.

I'm not a hardware geek, really. I'm a plug-and-play and settings geek. In the golden age of the personal car, I'd have been a perfectly competent tinkerer. ...Speaking of which, I should get my brakes checked. A little bit of squeak says I should.

I'll see if I get up in time to go to work for some disk fun tomorrow. On the one hand, I need a day off, and I'm due to be out of field for a week when July starts. On the other hand, it would be nice. On the gripping hand, I probably won't set my alarm.

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