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Job-related insanity

Today at work was insanity in several different flavors. I was running the job. I didn't have a walker. So I was both walking and running, which makes for OMG INSANE. I had people switch on, and they were causing assorted amounts of trouble -- there was some extra production where I needed it, but not enough. INSANE.

Finally got out of there at 11pm, which is way too late. I had to do some investigation into how much frickin' sample we have. Enough, I hope. We closed Pacific tonight.

Plus, watching a job when cells are closing is entirely different from watching it when cells are not closing. When cells are not closing, one or two over is not going to be a problem. When the job is closing, if we're over, we can't use those surveys. At all.

I wound up actually doing my hours, attendance, and midshift reports after the end of the shift. Not of the good. Not at all.

Didn't have time for breakfast. Grabbed some at 2pm, still very hungry by 6pm, and low blood sugar loonie is not a good situation. Had to tell several people several times that I was trying to do too much at once and I could not both brain and talk to them while so doing. I am getting a lot more graceful with the entire loss of command of the English language. (Not much Spanish or Chinese or Russian or Chicken or French left in there either.)

We will need like 75 people to get this done tomorrow if we can do it.

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