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Wednesday to Weekend to Wednesday again

Sometimes it seems like I live for Wednesdays. This one featured less sheer debauchery, but lots of hilarity, not to mention the scene in the parking lot, where we provided the denizens with far too much entertainment. (I am glad that the cops park on the other side, though technically all we were doing was flailing about a lot, giggling, and inciting possible traffic accidents.)

My pirate name is Burn. D's is Slash. ("And you're Crash!" easalle cried triumphantly, but we decided it had to be Slash, for the yaoi.) Good gods no, I am not going by Acid as well.

Some uncomfortable truths came out, after. I amazed myself with the starkness with which I presented the story. An opening line like that sort of falls very loudly in the ensuing silence.

Am backlogged on comments, entries, and e-mail. Thalia is still with the BOfD. I have not finished checking my e-mail, and it has taken three hours, 'k? So anything I need to see/hear/read, link me.

Am thinking of writing up a schedule for the day for my phone goons (and me) tomorrow:

12 noon: supervisor arrives, starts setting up job and coffee machine.
12:45: supervisor finishes first cup of coffee, and panics because we're not going to have enough person/hours to finish out the job today.
1pm: Midshift commences. Snarky Lady finishes briefing new hires on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. Supervisor finishes first pot of coffee.
1:11pm: Monitor reports start hitting supervisor.
1:15pm: Supervisor hits restroom. Then coffee machine.
2pm: Snarky Lady turns new hires loose on the phones.
2:11pm: Monitor reports for new hires start hitting supervisor.
2:25pm: Supervisor belatedly ducks, starts another pot of coffee.
2:45pm: Nervous breakdown #1 for supervisor. Cure: coffee.
3pm: Evening shift commences.
3:07pm: Nervous breakdown #2 for supervisor. Cure: more coffee.
4pm: Late arrivals arrive.
5pm: 8pm Eastern time. Supervisor is gibbering wreck, especially considering that 70 of the 86 needed interviews are from Eastern time zone cells, and those are the hardest to get, and may not be dialed late. Solution: offer coffee to phone goons.
5:30pm: Midshift takes 1/2 hour break. Supervisor takes tranquilizers. Eastern time zone may no longer be dialed without an order from God. Now dialing Central to get the few last surveys in the cells in question.
6pm: Midshift returns from break. Emergency backup supervisor has taken over while primary supervisor melts down again, and/or gets rid of recycled coffee.
6:30pm: Midshift dismissed. Evening shift given choice of 15 minute break (which they've earned) and departure after same, or immediate departure. Supervisor scraped off ceiling, given antidote caffiene.
6:45pm: Last stragglers from evening shift told to get the f*** out of here, supervisor has to start all the paperwork.
7:45pm: Supervisor working on paperwork and a cup of coffee.
8:45pm: Supervisor still working on paperwork and another cup of coffee.
9:45pm: Supervisor asking for a hand with paperwork. Coffee is cold and nasty, but still drinkable.
10:30pm: Supervisor finally done with paperwork... until tomorrow morning, when we start THE NEW MONTH OF $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB!!!!!!!

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