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The schedule I gave was not too far off for the dialing end of things. We were out by an hour and a half after the last phone goon left, hooray!

My schedule on Sunday is going to be somewhat flexible. I get to start in on doing that most fun thing, the reports that the Queen Bee Monitor used to do.

We are direly behind on monitor reports on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB.

Side note to othercat re: comment about conversation involving the Figment: if we hadn't thought it was OK for you to overhear, we wouldn't have had that conversation then and there.

The wankitude between supervisors at work blossoms mightily. I am putting myself in the position that attempts to say nothing to piss anyone off, and prefers that any department-internal issues be solved in the department, where they belong. If am asked about it by a member of Management, can spin it into a position of politically sensitive departmental strength.

The one dude's girlfriend problems are like omg insane, except for the fact that he's dating her willingly and also does a fair bit of acting like an insensitive bastard. I could really care less except for the fact that I overhear far too much about it.

Sometimes it seems that every time Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor states an opinion, Trendy Chick disagrees with it completely, yet when I rephrase it slightly, she agrees with it, and Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor agrees that I said what he just said.

Despite the fact that I am able to rattle off the phrase "Fuckity-fucking-fuck on a fucking fuck-stick" very fluently, Homie G. Super still apologizes for cussing around me when I give the eyebrow-and-smile.

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