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Today my cussing at work reached an unprecedented high: there were several instances of me replying "No shit" to an interviewer telling me that they were not getting numbers. Eleven hours, all told. I sat at the big desk, the better to keep an eye on my phone goons.

The job didn't close.

Things I never thought I'd have to ask my phone goons: "You do know that there's popcorn in your hair, right?" It looked like the Mustachioed Slacker decided to relieve some of his boredom by decorating iPod Guy. iPod Guy had not known this. He was on a survey at the time. I have a great new draft of a cartoon of this one.

The chiller was chilling away merrily when I got home. Thank goodness.

Darkside and I had a nice long conversation. Nothing of great import, just warm words and giggling. I like those conversations. Then I called amberfox and we chatted. She pointed out that popcorn on the guy's head was nothing compared to the very left-over leftovers.

Thalia still not back. I miss hanging out with the spr0t crew.

As a reward to myself for not completely fucking losing it today, I went and worked out for a half-hour. Then I indulged in the guilty pleasure of continuing for the five-minute cooldown, and then went another half-hour and cooldown. Last night I painted my nails. I can't justify staying up later to re-do them, but I can have a nice happy shower.

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