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...listen to the sound of travel and the engine...

I dropped by and interrupted Darkside's job search. He was ready for a break anyway. Break took the form of some Ghost in the Shell: the TV series. There was giggling and coziness. I got to relax.

No matter how much stress there was at work, Darkside always relaxes me.

I tried taking the 202. I nearly got lost. I made good time on the freeway, but I lost that time wandering the surface streets (ok, cruising down Power) until I found the correct cross-street to get to where I was going. I know how to get there from the 60, but not the 202, really. I had an instinct for which direction to go, or I would have been really hopelessly lost and 30 miles in the wrong direction. As it was, it only took me an hour to get there, which is about par for the course. (oo, golf metaphor.)

One of the a/c units at work is out. This was noticed yesterday. Pink Shirt Guy's namesake printer is giving error E000069-0000 and needing to be rebooted on a regular basis. $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, the one that had not closed Friday when it was supposed to, and had not closed Saturday when we threw extra interviewers at it, did not close this morning. (I just called work, talked to Homie G., and confirmed that it closed tonight.)

But. The peace of mind and relaxation.

Evidently the difference between how Malfoy Senior drives a remote control and how my icky ex's old man drives one is that Malfoy Senior maintains good humor, and will at length surrender it to someone else.

I am well-pleased. It is worth being certain values of broke (car plus insurance, oi) in order to be able to go all that way out there and spend a few hours curled up watching anime with my cheek lying alongside his warm strong shoulder.

From last week: "You have something you need to remember?" "Oh, a question number. Goose Girl found a bug..." "And so you wrote it on your hand?" "It was the most stable surface available! ...wait." *facepalm* He didn't even have to say anything.

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