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Muffin-headed menace to society involves demon-mice. (Martin's Passage fans, this is amusing in that it's completely unrelated.)

The call center is being reduced to 150 seats. You didn't hear it from me. Employment = same, seats = less than same.

I completely forgot to show Darkside, but I amused all my phone goons with one of my word searches today. The new fad is supervisors making and handing out word searches, and I made a very uniquely themed list. The usual is things like the current month, survey-related stuff, general call center stuff. This one? "Things We May Not Call Respondents (even though we'd sometimes really like to)". The word list? Involved things like "git", "idiot", "malodorous moron", and the like. I kept the language clean, and included a supplementary list of phrases that should not be employed, and the disclaimer that it was not a comprehensive list of prohibited language.

There was much giggling over that. Word searches are popular to start with, and it's nice to know that your supervisor understands about some of those respondents.

Darkside and I can both high-kick to approximately the same height, about face-height or just a bit lower. His co-workers are still surprised by his definition of "re-boot the computer". It's odd, because those same co-workers are the ones who think he's due to go postal any day now.

Thalia should be returned to me within five business days. I sent her off on the 21st.

It was a lovely night for the long drive home. It was a lovely day for the long drive out there.

I get to start on the Queen Bee's Reports when I come in to work next. O, the glee of it all. Not. It's drudge work, painful, and should be done by goddamn database, and I'm the best suited for making it work as it is right now. What a motherfucking kludge, and it's marvelous given that it actually does work.

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