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Bliss! Glee! Today I was scheduled to monitor, but was instead told off to help the Newest Trainee get used to the idea of running the job. He did the hours chart.

There is a spreadsheet called Emerald City that calculates the job for you, using the tried and true methods we use by hand, just applying them via computer. It works perfectly well... when the job is in balance. When the job is not in balance, it looks at each cell and calculates how many are needed (some are positive, and some are negative) and then the sum of the ints needed in all cells is equal to the number of ints possible to get based on production and phone goon hours.

Yes, programergeeks, I said... the sum of all cells.

Today, there were some cells that were over quota, by a total of 19 ints. Some were well under. It was possible for phone goons to get a total of 13 ints at cumulative production.

"If possible is 13, then how come this says 36?" my trainee wanted to know.

The exact text of the commentary that the Lunatic made at this juncture has been lost to history. Suffice to say that the Lunatic saw exactly what was going on, and Was Not Pleased.

Geeking followed. Cussing and scowling accompanied it. My co-workers wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me. Upon learning that I was geeking out, all protests over my attitude disappeared.

When I finally coerced Excel to do as told, without actually using an actual programming language, just logical ifs, countifs, and the like, there was immense glee.

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