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Brain transplant...

My faithful old Latitude Tigereye has been through a lot. Her hard drive is up and running (and thanks to hcolleen, has a new installation of 2000, because V versus the internet results in the internet putting all sorts of junk on any computer V is using that hasn't been locked down tight), but her body has seen far better days.

In a remarkable case of coincidence, figment0 is a serious pack rat and will hang onto potentially useful things until he finds an appropriate home for them. It was to my immense shock that I discovered that among the random items in his big Box Of Technology was a nearly-gutted Latitude CPt case.

The first attempts at anything were not successful, because I was scared, but today I managed to transplant Tigereye's hard drive and RAM into the new case with a minimum of hassle (after I figured out the screws and got over my fear of my computer repair toolkit, the perfectly explicable phobia caused by picking it up one day and seeing scuttling within). Now I'm just working on connectivity.

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