Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Wherein my spelling on IRC last night is not the best. Spare cat.

I come in as Azz|drunkz0r.

jai_dit hello drunk azz! are you drunk off your azz? *is shot*
[Azz|drunkz0r] hallo my pretties!
[Azz|drunkz0r] I borrow the compeh rom fthe roommate!
[Azz|drunkz0r] And her coaaster.
[Azz|drunkz0r] I attempt to clear fridge of the allergens of the roomie.
[Azz|drunkz0r] which means my strawberry kiwi soda and the stabweery booze.
[Azz|drunkz0r] woah, that is a lot of not spelling much right.
[Azz|drunkz0r] ad she has the foldy keyboard so it isten times worse the type
[Azz|drunkz0r] she just has to avoid
[Azz|drunkz0r] I make it easy!
pauamma "Now to the banquet we press / Now for the eggs and the ham / Now for the mustard and cress / Now for the strawberry jam"</random>
[Azz|drunkz0r] She is allergic to the whoel latex famil. y.
pauamma (to Azz|drunkz0r) Strawberry and latex trees are related?
[Azz|drunkz0r] I am in no condition to do bain surgery.
[Azz|drunkz0r] apparently. and kiwi. and ineapple.
[Azz|drunkz0r] There is a list.
pauamma (to Azz|drunkz0r) And you are when you're sober? I ask merely for information.
* exor674 puts on strawberry gloves
[Azz|drunkz0r] Laptopsurgery.

[Azz|drunkz0r] I am so very geek.
[Azz|drunkz0r] current special project at work is "make magic db" and he first thing I can think of is "that makesfor good date conersation material////1"

[Azz|drunkz0r] blackadder too/1
[Azz|drunkz0r] um, pretend that is. !
* Azz|drunkz0r might be drunk
* exor674 points at Azz's nick suffix
exor674 I think so

[Azz|drunkz0r] I dropped 2 florescent spiralvanityglobe bulbs.
jai_dit bulbs shatter, don't they?
[Azz|drunkz0r] because I would foget to screw in then let go.
[Azz|drunkz0r] on sink.
[Azz|drunkz0r] I was sober at the time
* Azz|drunkz0r feels the need to point this out.

[my co-writer] blackadder good ;)
* Azz|drunkz0r got hooked on blackadder by cool aunt
jai_dit what's blackadder?
[Azz|drunkz0r] omg blackadder fun tv british happy morally ambiguous black humor!
[Azz|drunkz0r] for thewn!!!!!!!!!
[Azz|drunkz0r] antihero/!!!!!
[my co-writer] morally ambiguous darkly sarcastic brits? You don't say. < _ <
[Azz|drunkz0r] And snark!

[Azz|drunkz0r] oah. out of booze in wieglass. brb
[my co-writer] out of booze=bad, m'kay?
[Azz|drunkz0r] refill.
[Azz|drunkz0r] dangersoda all gone i n glass now
[my co-writer] am i correct in assuming, Az, that between the downed lappy and your omgstupidcrazy schedule that you haven't had any time to devote to the hisssssstorical?
[Azz|drunkz0r] yup. dammit.
[Azz|drunkz0r] though roommie should be encouraged to like beat on me with spare cats if I do have time and am faffingabout doing houseowkr.
[Azz|drunkz0r] omg roomie == asesowme and ficcer animepimp
jai_dit housework is important though.
jai_dit it shouldn't be neglected for too long
jai_dit or else the mice and stuff come
[Azz|drunkz0r] mice bad. la cucharacha bad.
jai_dit si!
[Azz|drunkz0r] phx has too much la cucharacha for me.
jai_dit possible to move?
[Azz|drunkz0r] there was amusinginterlude with guy what fixes stuff wherehe tld me that beaastly beatle on ceiling was not to fear, was just lacucharacha
[Azz|drunkz0r] there was no shrieking but definite decision that he deal with not me not on ceiling above bed nope.
[Azz|drunkz0r] this was lke last year.
[Azz|drunkz0r] i do not like la cucharacha.
[my co-writer] ew
[my co-writer] get a cat?
[my co-writer] my cat plays with them, and beats them to death
[my co-writer] won't eat 'em, but bashes 'em around a bit
[my co-writer] till they get concussed and quit moving :P
[my co-writer] then he gets bored
[Azz|drunkz0r] toys! no abtteries needed.
[my co-writer] oh my gods
[Azz|drunkz0r] do not know here we would put a cat.

[Azz|drunkz0r] yay brothers.
[Azz|drunkz0r] if my bondmatehad brother who smelled thesame I would go so very isane and have a Very Bad Monogamy moment.

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