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Working Late

Yesterday at work was kind of dire. I whipped up a display spreadsheet at Snarky Lady's request, something to show how some of the scores were arrived at. Then I worked on the database. There was trial and error with things, and I will be doing things to this off and on for probably the rest of the month, unless the Database Guy gets involved.

I think this means that I'll have to start bringing some of my old textbooks to work with me for a little light reading.

Also, Malfoy Senior's UI request involved a lookup table.

I got so pissed off trying to deal with times in access that I figured out that they're stored as hours divided by 24 and just started importing them like that instead of trying to force them into a proper date format. Snarky Lady may think that we do not want to do any more calculations based on them, but she is wrong. We do. Besides, forcing them to import as text is a bitch and a fucking half.

The upshot of all this was that I was in a perfectly vile mood pretty much all evening long, and wound up almost snapping at the Sweetheart Trainee when she was trying to understand the completely optional spreadsheet I wrote us. I also blew off Rev. Not-So-Nice Super when he wanted help with editing. That's not very much like my ordinary work behavior. I am contemplating the use of muffins to attempt to soothe ruffled feathers.

Today, I fill in for Ponytail Dave, and therefore I get to work his shift. 2pm has it all over noon as an arrival time. I have done laundry, shuffled things around the stereo, and might even vacuum just because.

I have a couple working queries, at least. I can get "people who have worked over 4 hours on the job" (which is a staple of later queries to come), "people with any time on the old break screen", "people with over two minutes on the old break screen", and "people with fifteen minutes or more on the old break screen". Now to force it to display with something like hours instead of the hours/24 format.

hcolleen is borrowing Allegra for her early trips to work where she has to sit and wait. Much better than paper and pen. Tigereye-zombie's dodgy power situation makes her not the ideal choice to take with. She needs battery replaced anyway. I told Turbo a bit about my hobby situation over the weekend, and he mentioned that he had a few spare similar model bits spare. (Ah, geeking out with cute guys at work. He opened the door for me, too, in a nice move of chivalry.) It is like my ordinary phone center supervisor dull life got replaced with a geek's life.

Also yesterday was the thing where almost all the machines from 47-114 could not find their roaming profile. I managed to interrupt a nice-sounding BS session between Turbo and two of the newer geekboys by the simple process of appearing in Turbo's field of vision with an unhappy-stressed-face. I explained the problem briefly, he followed me without argument (instead of the "I'll be right there" that someone else might have gotten) and was entirely boggled by the issue. I might have Turbo wrapped around my little finger, but I am going to be careful with this and not abuse it.

Hooray flylady. I was poking around in the closet, realized that it would be way easy for me to go overboard and then burn out on housework, popped out, and set the stove timer for 10 minutes. And in 10 minutes, the closet is something approaching livable, with the roomie's silk shirts hung up happily, the box of winter clothes found space for on the floor standing up on end, and the top of my dresser free for laundry use again.

I think I prefer my green tea very strong and cold, instead of steaming hot and weaker. Good to know. It is also a nastily bitter brew like this, but no worse than coffee.

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