Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Darkside is a sweetheart. We talked for over an hour. Does anyone know if there are actual Mythbusters shirts that have that quote on them? Much giggling and geeking. If ever I needed encourgement to geek out more, there it is.

In related news, I may actually be able to give Darkside something for Christmas that I know he actually wants.

Started out the shift attempting to teach the new trainee. We had fun, but there were only six of our people in. Grandma Cinderella went home dizzysick. One of Team 2's jobs was short one person, and there was no one who could be pulled to fill in. I grabbed a headset and waded in. I held my own pretty well, too, even though I'd not been on it in over four years. I had fun drawing.

I hope to be able to cut down to a four day week soon. I have been pulling 50 hour weeks without even trying. I could probably pull a 60 hour week easily. Darkside teases me about it when I complain, saying it's my fault. I complained to Stressy College Chick about being slow. She said I was responsible and thorough. And I am that.

I sleep now. I give roomie a ride in the early morning.

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