Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Whee, that was fun!

I forgot my purse as we were screeching out the door. Thus, I was on a read-only trip to Fry's Electronics while the roomie got a new keyboard. She covered dinner and fuel, thankfully, as she pointed out that we did not have enough time to stop in and get it on the way to the group. Yay for roommates! Yay for not getting stopped while driving with the license nicely and securely at home right by the door where I won't forget it!

"Hell's Angel", the story with Mary and Nick, is coming out in little bits and blops. Not much, but enough to keep itself going. Over time, I may build up an actual story.

Group was sparse tonight. ConGames is coming up, so trystan_laryssa was out. There was lots of time for reading and general BSing.

Dinner was much fun. It gets more and more surreal to explain Darkside to new people who don't know him or the associated story.

There was this nifty guy hanging about with the SCA people, and he wound up having a BS session with the remaining writers for a while. I am reasonably certain that our Captain will capture all needed contact information.

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