Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work! Now with extra go-juice!

Well, I'm up, then. I'm heading off to work, armed with cherries, extra pens, a great honking mug to be filled with Livewire, full makeup including eyeshadow and nail polish, and that cheerful attitude that you only get after you've been up for a few hours on not that many hours of sleep.

I anticipate a calm day interspersed with my frantic antics.

Oh, and I need to drag out my Access and my SQL manuals. Probably behind the roommate's desk. A little light reading. Oh, and talk to my satellite manager about a four-day week, because five ten-hour days a week is seriously doing a number on my mental health. (I've been carefully guarding my physical health, which is why there haven't been so many plasma trips lately. Got to have that downtime.)
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