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From work...

Awake and at ‘em! I have a big old mug singing my favorite song of my favorite vehicle of caffeine delivery, on ice. My hair is half-up in my silly blue-fake-hair ponytail holder. I have a plastic container of cherries. (Yay cherries.) I have on lipstick and eyeshadow. It seems that when I have on lipstick and eyeshadow, the rest of my face looks like it’s made up, whether it is or not.

In the girly-vain side of things, I am pleased to note that my eyebrows are nearly perfect and do not require much touching up in order to achieve some form of stylistic ideal.

I’ve been singing “Lie Still, Little Bottle” out loud to myself, because it’s a slow enough morning in some respects that I need the extra stimulation of this kind.

I am monitoring today. After we are through with our people, we will be validating.

I am wondering if this split/skill has not gone bad or gotten corrupted, because DAMN. Eight minutes between calls? Bad.

Cherries good.

One of my darling co-workers has a habit of pulling up the wrong name for the wrong person. She was searching for my name for about a minute this morning. She called me Jane. And that is pretty close. *waves at raranax’s mom*

Is too hot here. Really.

Valllllliiiiidaaaaaating. Not the most interesting work in the world. Hard to count rings and type at the same time, because I am not used to doing that.

Whee validation. I should really get some actual paper for doing things on.

The stockings that rivet up the back have not created the expected and desired sensation at work. For one thing, I am sitting in the monitor room. For another, the skirt is too long to show the calves where the rivets are, and they just look like fishnets. It’s a very modest skirt, as it goes down almost to the ankles.

To write up: the differences between heterosexuality and politely declining a pass, heterosexuality showing a hidden homophobia when declining a pass, and outright homophobia.

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