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Power actually out this time!

Laptops are fun for the whole family! It's great -- you can unplug them from everything and keep working when lightning starts lightning-ing.

Woah, that was totally green lighting.

The power's been out twice, so I'm writing in the dark again. I think I won't be getting my shower until morning, which means I should probably be getting ready for bed soon.

(Oh. Lights on again. I wonder how many times this is going to happen? hcolleen's box booted down the first time we had an outage rather than a brownout, so it should be OK with the surge strip. The grass mat she put up on the balcony blew down, because the wind has been plenty intense. I want to be out in the rain, but I'm not so enamored of that to dare the "light-ming", as the LF used to call it.)

Work was all kinds of interesting. I started out trying to find my place in the ranking database project, and quickly discovered that OMG, the plain text files did TOO have the numerical User ID -- it was just that the Queen Bee saw no need for them and deleted them. (WTF?) At that point, I stepped away from the computer, grabbed my notepad, and sprawled out flat on the floor while I wrote down the steps that I will be needing to take to get these things in order. First step was to get the production files in order, restored from the plain text files that were still in good shape. (I had been attempting to look up user ID from partial name. Not happening.) Then a whole bunch more things. I wrote them down in numerical order, including the steps 6a and 6b that I thought of after the fact.

I will be dealing with the refusal rates files in more depth tomorrow, but at least nothing has been deleted from those where they are stored on the system. Some of the old text production files were OK. Some of them were not, so I had to re-pull those.

I will be talking to the guru to see if we can't customize some of these reports a little more, or get some new custom ones done if re-doing these would break anything. (I don't want to break anything that depends on regularly generated system reports being the same.)

I found some January and February stuff switched up, which leads me to believe that there are other problems. I found some other problems. Snarky Lady was having kittens.

I found my satellite manager and talked with her about the issue with Leftover Leftovers Guy yesterday, and included the fact that I'd mentioned "this language bad around me" the other day before that. And, hell, there is documentation that I have been calling Trendy Chick on it every time she says "That's so gay" and the like. She will talk to his satellite manager (Stressy College Chick), and I have every assurance that Stressy College Chick can manage Leftover Leftovers Guy's satellites to the moon and back. Leftover Leftovers Guy and I should be able to manage a cordial working relationship juuuuuust fine between the two of us, right?

Turbo was Out of the Office today -- this was OK for most of the day until Grandma Cinderella went to bring the dialer down. When she tried to VNC in, the box was locked. (The box is ordinarily left running and logged on wide open unlocked.) What's the first step? Call IT. Now, the person who called back (it was after hours, so she had to page them) was Nondescript Geek, the unremarkable clean-cut fellow who I first met when he was having a hissyfit at a box down in Area 1 some years ago.

Grandma Cinderella is not the most technical of people, and does not possess the required knowledge to say "The box is left logged in and unlocked all the time, apenuts, so we don't have to log in to it: all we have to do is VNC in. Sheesh. You're IT. You ought to have the admin password, right? Jeeeeeeeze." They wound up mixing it up. He got yelly with her. That's a change from the end-user hollering at IT! The incident is being documented. Nondescript Geek has anger management problems when in the workplace. Perhaps he should become Irate Geek?

Snarky Lady was telling me about her experience with Dell Tech Support. She was having problems, and she was telling her tech about it. In some detail. Quite firmly. The tech asked her to repeat that. She did, with quite some vigor. The tech then told her that he'd needed to get her irate on tape so that a supervisor could take action -- evidently they only voluntarily take extended action if the customer is demonstrably irate. (Which ... wtf?) She hazarded, that from what I related, the tech had heard me just find when I stated what I wanted to do quietly and politely -- he'd just wanted me to blow up on tape for the supervisor. ...If any current or former Dell tech support peoples pass by, have you got any insights on this?

Lots of assorted wet out there, but not much more in the way of Dog-Eating Thunder Monsters or wild winds. Scary Lipstick Phone Goon was talking about the tree branches that fell all up ons her car last night. Crazy stuff.

Maybe the heat wave will break soon. I know legomymalfoy has been documenting the crazy heat we've been having -- oi! At least my chiller has recovered -- the thunder/lightning scared it into nonfunctionality last night.

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