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It's the little things, eh?

The deeper I go into this project, the more I come out of it absolutely aghast. They really needed someone familiar with Field in the first place to do this. The Queen Bee was never out in Field. They needed someone familiar with computers and how they fall down to do this. I am a computer person. Thank goodness.

Snarky Lady is a closet geek. I sang her the first bits of "Code Monkey". She was vastly amused. She made her husband go to Target and get a shiny .mp3 player just like mine (in Tinkerbell). She has database/coding experience, and used to be a code monkey. And we're working on this together. Glee!

I wrote a long, long e-mail about the problems experienced so far. And. OMG. Problems. There was a great meeting with the Guru, though. And we learned that there is a Guru behind him, too -- he's snatched a lot of his code from that guy, and occasionally he has to go back into the guy's office and ask him wtf this widget does.

Soda count: past two days = two liters of very left-over Pitch Black. Also, cherries are a good substitute for chips if you absolutely must have snacks while working on computery stuff. Fewer crumbs, better for you. More juice, though.

Have been convinced to start experimenting with different menstrual products. is one option (freestuff had a recent post about an offer of theirs). I think that's what M. uses. She was singing their praises, or the praises of something rather like, a couple years back when we were at Coco's. (Was that the night of the infamous creamer demonstration? No, because I was sitting on the south side of the table the night of that menstrual products discussion, and I was sitting on the north side when I got the creamer all on myself -- but wait, that was a different creamer incident than the first one ... OK, I'm tired, I should go to bed... ) I have been convinced to try the Instead Cup (there's one lurking in my purse for when I should need it; it's a very delightful feeling that one single thing can work for as long as I'm likely to be out of the apartment, so I won't be bound to stay particularly close to home and/or a restroom if I suspect I'm going to be having a goriffic month like last time was. (Bonus points for spotting the reference.) I'm not entirely thrilled with the concept of menstruation, but I'm not particularly grossed out by it either. It's sort of like ear wax. I could happily live without dealing with my ear wax, but it's a fact of life and thus I get used to it, and without shrieking about it.

Cramps and moodiness, however? That, I'll shriek about.

gwynraven has a post about chronic pain.

*giggle* joemorf: Orson and Neal

Radio mapping Titan, by accident -- now that is just cool.

tygerr is going on a pilgrimage. A very important one.

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