Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Quite Debased

Work today was all kinds of entertaining. Snarky Lady and I were working at cross-purposes for a while -- she was essentially re-creating the steps I'd gone through to come up with the conclusion that really, we had to go with the hours divided by 24 format that the system stores times in. And/or multiply by 24 and then play with the decimal time.

We did get stuff imported and started running queries on same. Running queries to try and fix some stuff. Glee, etc. We will continue tomorrow.

No more uptrainings until this month closes.

Someone wrecked my checkin spreadsheet again. I restored from backup, left the old one there (renamed to CI JOAN DEAD as a warning to others) and griped.

The dialer eventually crashed. In the absence of Turbo (he's been out of town or something) a switch needed some loving kindness or a great big boot, and Turbo wasn't around to do it.

Gave wozzname a ride home.

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