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(from random notecards on the desk)
"My mother hated my best friend Shawn because she thought he was an idiot. Maybe she had a point." (of my high school best friend)
To do: write up the Shawn/ passive voice incidents. (The toaster was set on fire. The telephone was microwaved.)

"I harass you about something, and then you go clean it. ...People might think you're listening to me or something." -- the roomie

So, yeah, I cleaned my desk somewhat. Cleaned out a drawer entirely, sprayed it down, wiped it out, then put stuff that at least partially belonged back inside. Threw out a lot of random cruft. Cleared off cruft by the actual computer.

Now that I found that fic-description, I can probably go ahead and pack up Thalia. Scarlett (the U3 drive) will help me retain my sanity. (As the gods are my witness, I'll never lose settings again!)

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