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Good Wife, Good Con, Good Fic, Good Mojo

Remember the Good Wife's Guide, that doctored piece of quasi-plausible 50s-themed household advice? Well, mom_almighty has updated it. Bonus points for cat.

Have joined coppercon_goers, it being a hastily-thrown-together LJ community for organizational purposes. Must remember to get my pilgrim's ribbons down from the blue net canopy before con-time, pilgrim's ribbons being an essential part of con wear. (In the Bastard's colors, naturally.)

trickofthedark has lovely sensible!Harry sillyfic from two years ago, and the sequel: Dudley's perspective. "What I did on my Summer Holiday", parts 1 and 2. ...I want a part 3, and I can't decide whether I'd prefer to hear from Hermione, Tonks, Lupin, or Snape. Any of those four would be a delight to hear from.

tygerr, there's random good mojo coming your way. The strypey candle I got a while back was behaving badly, so I wound up slurping out the mojo and beaming it in your direction rather than having it burn out, because, candle behaving badly is no fun to babysit.

Missed writing group last night. Generally exhausted. Not fun for the whole family, nope. hcolleen was out of commission, and I collapsed and read quite a bit, and then started in on the housework.

In just a bit I'm headed Out. Hooray meetups for con-compatibility testing!

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