Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Loved 'cause I'm technical

Today, I got waylaid for about four computer-related issues:
  1. How to open up the EVIL sheets on a monitor room computer.

  2. Is there a thing that will let us look at these things from this range of dates? And could you talk to the Guru?

  3. My telnet won't turn colors like theirs do! (This was from the Leftover Leftovers Guy, who sees me as a Highly Enlightened Guru, even though I'm so very not.)

  4. OMG THE SPREADSHEET HAS HOLES IN IT! (This one, I patched, then locked with my name as the password, as anyone unlocking it to "fix" it has no business doing so and will probably ruin it; standard is "The password is the name of the person who will wallop you if you fuck up anything while you have it unlocked, so you have no business unlocking it.")

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