Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Thalia! With the right number of megabytes!

38154 is a far better number of megabytes to be free in a 40 gig disk.

Sent her out on Wednesday. Got the knock on the door about an hour ago. Got the black shakes, as I'd been asleep in bed. I should have jumped up and down squeefully; that might have lessened the reaction.

Preparing to install now; formatting a nice 10-gig partition for the OS.

Installing OS. Formatting a tortilla for spicy chicken strips, cheese, dressing, and lettuce. This has become my favorite solution to "I need a meal, but I do not want to do anything that even slightly resembles cooking." Frozen pre-cooked chicken bits, cheese, dressing, and pre-shredded lettuce. Heat chicken in microwave. Put on tortilla. Apply condiments. (All of the other stuff besides chicken counts as condiments when prepared so.)

'k. Time to go to work. Thalia will be safe here at home Installing Shit.

Now that I have her back, and in working order (I think) I will get her fully up and running, then launch my campaign to seek compensation for that first interminable month of downtime. This here now was not much problem -- sent it Wednesday, get it back Friday -- that is more than decent, and I commend them for quick and accurate fixing there.

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