Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Alarums; excursions limited to within the country.

(All reasonably OK now, but OMG I was ready to explode for a while.)

OMG so worried.
Like, worried sick.

Tea. Pulling old log times. Testing Energy logtimes to make sure that they are, how you say, distinct? W00t. They are, good. Saw Turbo when I was back getting tea. But yeah, Obso1337 Super asked whazzup with my homie, and I didn’t know that there was anything up with my homie, so now I know I am going to to start freaking out, because he is my ex-bondmate.

Oh, fuck.

Will be descending upon trystan_laryssa and dustraven with Chris in tow. Chris saw the Figment as of Monday, but game was cancelled due to people being generally ill. The figment was one of them. NOT HAPPY LUNATIC.

Reviewed stuff with the Princess; general glee about pivot-tables and monthly runs of Daily Report.

Goodness. Now I have “Do You Take It?” in my head. For whatever reason, the phrase “I’ve ordered in a shipment of the relevant equipment” slid into my head when talking about a monitor report. So. Guess what my head is singing about merrily? “Mother says you have that touch of class…”

I am spreading my “Entertainment” poster about the workplace. Hee.

Little muscle twitches. Not uncontrollable, but the sort of soothing physical movement that makes putting up with whatever the fuck is going on that much better.

See, the Figment took off for some vacation. He told the office, but the office spaced it. They saw him no-call, no-show. He saw him on vacation. We were worried sick because it's Not Like Him to disappear and not call in.

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