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Real life's getting more like fiction each day -- Waste Heat, anyone? -- If This Goes On --

Line of the night: "I do not think there is enough room on the internet to address what is wrong with those [idiots]." -- from something the roomie is quoting; hearing the context, I have to agree -- but that observation is stunning in its all-encompassing simplicity and accuracy.

I seem to have figured out the magic combination that allows me to wear nail polish and have it look decent. First, I must varnish either when I have a long time of sitting without touching anything (the sort of restroom trip where you're well-advised to bring a book) or when I'm on the computer doing not a lot of involved typing (because that will lead to scrunching if I type when very wet).

Second, I must keep a jar of nail polish remover with sponge in my shower kit. Why shower? This is because the best way to make me reliably do something is to tie it to my shower routine. This is how I make sure that my face gets swiped down with anti-zit goop, my teeth get brushed on a schedule other than "whenever I think they could use it" (which schedule on neurotypical days is fine, but on fucked-up-depression days Does Not Cut It), and my vitamins and especially allergy medicine and St. John's Wort get in me. (St. John's Wort is one of the things that keeps me from having too many fucked-up depression days, but they still happen, especially if I've skipped or had environmental factors push me towards Feeling Like Shit.)

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