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The Darkside should (I hope) be home from the birthday party now. He might or might not be coherent for Hanging Out later on. I crashed out about the same time as hcolleen, but didn't sleep as long. That was about five in the afternoon; I stayed out for four hours. I'm getting used to sleeping more, and that's made an enormous impact on my general mood and stuff. On the flip side of that -- if I don't get my sleep like I should, I'm Not Happy.

I have to get my annual physical at the plasma place before I can donate again, and that's a more extended process than just the donation itself. I might have time today for them if they have time for me. (The doctors might not be exactly available for that on Sunday; I don't know.) If I show up around opening time, I should have plenty of time in the morning before Darkside might reasonably attain conversability in the afternoon.

hcolleen and I went shoe-shopping Saturday morning. She works in the airport, see. Epic Miscommunication starring her former roommates (with the burden of communication being upon them, and them Not Doing the Talking) resulted in someone thinking she should be reading their minds and said someone(s) leaving most of her shoes out in what resulted in being rain. Shoes did not survive the process. So she'd been wearing the same pair of shoes to work every day. Now. Airport security being what it is means that she's had to take the shoes off each time going through security. These shoes buckle about the ankle. This is OK once or twice a day. It is not OK several times in the same half-hour. So we went in search of livable, relatively inexpensive slip-ons for her.

We bounced through Journeys, Torrid, Hot Topic, Old Navy, and Payless. Hot Topic does have some cute/fun stuff. By Old Navy, I was starting to limp noticeably. I'd never been in the store before. I saw a pair of interesting-looking shoes, beaded wedge-heeled slippers with ballet-style ribbons, but I somehow didn't think I could get away with this fashion statement at work particularly well.

In Payless, we split up according to shoe size. I saw the cutest pale blue shoes on sale. Then I saw black ones to match, also on sale! Much refreshed, I set off to show her what I'd found. She burst out laughing at me, because, well...
Twins! Twins!
hcolleen and I are able to tell our shoes apart because they're different sizes. She's the one in the size OMG TINY with the anklet. I'm the one in the size 10.

Next up was an exploration of the shop at 35th and Dunlap. Alas, it did not have the tea she was looking for. It did have a scent of fish, rather a lot of random items, two ladies in a loud conversation about the shortcomings of the loud one's workplace, dried mushrooms, TVs tuned to a cheerful dance contest, pretty-shinies in jade, and sake. We left without anything, including tea.

We did lunch after that. Good times were had by all.

(I really do need a "Girly Stuff" icon. Hmm.)

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