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Bizarre Dreams!

I wound up hanging out with this random guy, going random places and doing random things. We were hitting it off pretty well -- or rather, he was telling tales about the exploits and antics of his social group and himself (because there was no separating the two) and I was enjoying the tales and enjoying the company and thinking that I would fit right in with the social group. We happened on some other members of the social group, specifically, a woman named Amber (black clothes, red hair, could have been smmc's sister) who did tech support, and I was getting along fabulously with her. Of the social group, she was the one who would be hanging out with everybody but not be getting all arrested and stuff, because she was the one who acted responsibly and wasn't drunk and disorderly and was attempting to keep a lid on the festivities, and it wasn't her fault things got out of control. And she was respected for this talent/ability.

The dude was still there, and we were still talking, and in the game of "who do we know," I mentioned Leftover Leftovers Guy, because he was the sort of wild and crazy and not entirely all with the game kind of guy who I knew would fit in perfectly into the outer rim of the debauching and acting like a plain fool side of the group. And the guy says yeah, and I light into some of the exploits said guy has gotten up to where I had been able to see him.

And the guys wander off, and Amber and I are getting ready to do lunch at this very exclusive Chinese buffet place that is their Home Base, and it is very exclusive, so no new person gets in who isn't in the company of some old hands, or carrying a pass-token from an old hand. And she pulls out a token. It is a little frosted glass figure on a red cord, and it looks too pretty to be a token for a restaurant. I take a look around the place where I have been staying (I am a guest/babysitter, it seems) and I ask if she could hang tight while I do a 15 minute boogie to un-disaster-area it. She looks around in patent disbelief that 15 minutes can make a dent (the kids have fairly well trashed it, and the guys haven't improved on it) but sits tight. She looks on in no little awe as I zip around, toss things in the laundry, straighten things, put toys in their basket, clear dishes away, and put the pillows back on the couch. It's by no means immaculate when I'm done, but it's extremely presentable.

My cellphone rings, and it's Leftover Leftovers Guy, who is in absolute indignation that I dropped his name. It's not because I was telling stuff about him to the guy (who is evidently one of his buddies), it's that I used him to disrupt the mack that this guy was apparently getting on with me. I listened in that "I cannot believe this bullshit" silence as the Leftover Leftovers Guy told me how well I'd been hitting it off with this guy and how we were so going to hook up until I pulled the stupid move of bringing up the Leftover Leftovers Guy to distract the conversation away from the dude and me on to the exploits of Leftover Leftovers Guy. I was just sitting there wondering wtf, because as far as I was concerned, it was all talk about the social group, not about the dude and me, and in what green striped hell was I going to date this guy? It was like my opinions on the matter were not important -- what was important was that the guy had been "doing so well" and then I had cut him off, and that was my fault.

I woke up quite indignant, but wanting to go back and do lunch with Amber, because she was a lot of fun.

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