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LJ Public Service Announcement: Site Scheme Change Imminent

Don't Panic. And be nice to Rah, 'k?

LJ is going to be playing around with the default site scheme soonish. After the code push, the default for new users and for looking at the site when not logged in will be the new thing. It'll go site-wide as the default in a couple weeks. Since the code is stupid, it can't tell the difference between "I like XColibur" and "I haven't picked a site scheme, so I'm just seeing the default." This means if you're viewing the site in XColibur now, you're suddenly going to go from seeing LJ like this:

to seeing it something more like this:

If you like the new one better, great. If you don't, starting tomorrow after the code push where LJ will remember the difference between "I like XColibur" and "I don't care what bloody site scheme I see", visit the Browse Preferences page and explicitly pick the site scheme you want.

Oh, and lj_releases is your friend for shiznit like this.

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