Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Still no more crickets in the pancakes!

Planet wank reaches Metaquotes. Red, Red Wine.
I'm on ur chair... (cat-hilarity captioned photo, of the "in ur base killing ur d00dz" root meme)
Bees on a plane!

I think I might have ovulated Tuesday night, if that's what it's supposed to feel like if it is slightly painful. I've felt that pain before, though the previous time, I was driving, and it was a lot sharper, and "echoed" more about my insides.

Management today said that I was doing very well with the database, and there was a lot of happiness going around over it. That has yet to fully sink in, but yay?! I made people happy by whipping up a report for Dayshift and an average length by interviewer report for the Dendarii Brewing Company team. -- two essentials in life! Also, the redhead says Alaskans are nuts.

There have been problems with water temperature for a while. Today there was a sign on the front gate saying that it would be fixed by noon tomorrow (Friday). Here's hoping!

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