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Dreams had lots of weird in, including engineering students, the workplace, Puzzle Hands and her beads and buddies, since it was payday and we were all going around the area where we were paid, and there was this sponge in their bank vault that was slit down the middle and they stored money in there. So that was taken care of, and I was going around the neighborhood and I had these friends and they were doing rocket stuff or something, and there was this really obnoxious nosy perv neighbor who kept being a peeper on our patio. I was either part of or friends with this stealth lesbian couple, since I was in and out of their place a lot. It may well have been a triad. And the half of the couple who wasn't me did look like a slim man with a lot of long hair, in the same way that Fatima of Friendly Hostility might be a guy if you kind of glance at her but don't really notice her. And something was going on, and I wound up in the school across the street and cRon (my favorite professor, who is a character) was there. There was a lecture about assorted geek-school topics (interactive), fiber-optics cables that were being cut on the floor and might be stolen (they looked like spaghetti, and scraps were being picked up to take home, but if someone took home a cable that was being used and trusted and attuned by a company (kinda like a crystal from the Crystal Singer series) then the diversion of the packets could possibly make the building collapse. And there was a 3D-modeled demo. And then there was a finished auditorium and it was all cool and stuff, with a big screen and a curved control balcony, and we wandered up there. And my aunt with the dogs or someone was there, and there was as part of the auditorium this dog-closet/playroom for any dogs or kids of the speaker or guest. And we saw it empty first, with the sunken dog-bed area, the dog-sink on the floor, the dog-light that went on when the door was closed, and the kid-sink, and then we saw it occupied and the sinks were all trashed. So I went in search of a sink, but wound up getting some (mm, dreamsex) which was not entirely the best in the waking world, but in the dream-world it was quite nice. And the person who was boinking a box or something to bring me pleasure turned out to be the Figment, and I wanted to get what he was doing with his hips in an LJ icon, but he was not cooperative.

And then I woke up.

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