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Hooray for a Blonder Half!

He's no plans to see Snakes on a Plane. Alas! Geeking about work ensued. "You're still debasing yourself? ... So you mean to say you're excelling at it."

So I gave a certain blonder half a link to a certain Darth Vader costume. I did not know that he made noises like that. It was funny.

At about that point, his computer froze up, and he had to restart. Most of the problems with that box are caused by overheating, as there is only one small fan, and no place to put a bigger one. He thought his father would not listen on the topic of replacing the tower, as "oldus geezerus" (his terminology) is stubborn. Darkside inherited his own stubborn from his old man.

"So that makes you the child class, then?" I snickered.
"No ... that makes me the Psycho Class. I'm called by Hitchcock."
"And what do you return?"
"Pure terror."
"You know, the Psycho Class could call the Best Friend Class once in a while."
"I'm afraid I don't have enough memory for that."

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