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Further Day Clean Clean Extravaganza!

I have written calendar codes for a lot of things. A black box around the day means depression. A green line at the top of the day means a "green" mood overshadowing the whole day. (pyrogenic and moonberryq are probably going to be the only ones to get that.) A red box indicates the periodic shedding of the uterine lining, in full blast. Red dots mean the leading and trailing edges of same.

There were a whole bunch of papers in the stacking file organizer on the top of my desk. Now there are slightly fewer, as some have been removed to go in my book of comics, some have been punched and put back in the queue awaiting putting in binders (when I can unearth the appropriate binders) and two grocery bags worth of them have been shredded and thrown away. (That's two bags post-shredder, mind you.)

Also this evening, I went through two dresser drawers in the wooden dresser dividing the room. This is kind of a crucial thing! I now have actual space for stuff that I had not thought I had space for elsewhere. Earlier, I did a load of dishes that included candleholders after sorting through the incense drawer and the bottom candle drawers and the oils drawer. Witchy household tip: if your dishwasher has hot enough water and the dishes are placed right so that when the wax melts, it's pounded by water and lifted off the bloody candleholder, it's a lot easier for cleaning slightly waxy in a lot of place ritual glass and ceramic than doing it by hand.

I got a nice shower and put more glitter-stuff in the glitter-gel bottle. hcolleen is kind of unnerved by it, perhaps because she has to share a bathroom with it and the rest of you don't.

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