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A nice peaceful start to a few days off!

The kitchen is a spawn point for dirty dishes. Also, the altar should be added to the flylady sink list.

How to throw a large room party at a science fiction convention, by Making Light

I have eyes that react way fast to light, the plasma lady said. Go, me. She didn't have to have her flashlight in my eye for too long. I also have nice clean ears. (She's had to look at some very gross ones from time to time.)

One of the failsafe methods of making me go all lustful is to remind me of Darkside's neck.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog: Serpentes on a Shippe! (Spoylerez!!!) "...which maketh serpentes to freke the helle oute and starte juste bitinge eny oon thei see."

Cramps-share-the-pain discussion at metaquotes.

cadhla on Dating and the Modern Geek.

A new one on me for the anti-tech-savvy: try sticking the squared-off end of your USB cable into the phone jack and then complain that your computer won't connect to the 'net! (Context is locked anyway.) At least it's better than the tech support horror story that makes the rounds about the person who whittled down an RJ-45 plug to fit an RJ-11 socket. (Ow.)

Soup with toast is one of the nice things in life.

My elder clone got married to her long-time boyfriend! They've been living together like forever, they have a batch of kids, and they finally made it official. Work is thrilled to pieces for them. I'll have to hunt up/put together an appropriate little present.

Making Light: "Oh yes, the best way to deal with suspected binary liquid explosives!"

Yarn hardware hack! (That is to say, "illusion knitting"...)

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