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Admitted my plan for November: write a romance novel, attempt to get it published, so that I can do something with a book that doesn't so much matter to me, not like that. And romance is possibly easier to break into. Then, once I've built my confidence up, I can try something with something I care about. (If I get an initial rejection on something I totally love, I'll probably shrink back. If I'm steeled for it, I'll be OK. And I'm willing to chance this.)

The cat burglar is jumping novels here. The cat-burglar has a jewelry fetish. Toni's cat! It's all because of Doreen.

Eee, M vs hcolleen (on formatting, viewpoint, context) can lead to massive, massive miscommunication boom. Hooray for everyone trying to working it all out? All's well that ends well, and I really need to improve my interpersonal "um, can we slow down and communicate, people-this-means-you-M?" skills.

I did not know that Mary was taking Nick to Denny's. Nick's water order is the same as V's. hehe.

Two new people tonight. They're fitting in nicely. (7:58)

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