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Which describes how I'm feeling all the time

Best use ever of cellphone in traffic.

The light in your eyes is the light at my heart

In blackest night are scattered many small suns
Their gentle light guides, points me on my way.
Stripped of atmosphere's veil, the timid eye runs:
Flees radiation; yet stubbornly I stay.

Far too long has each steady star
Steered my course safe, through fear, doubt and strife
While I stayed distant, kept afar
Unable to repay this debt of life.

When turmoil to the heavens come
And shake thy stars from their accustomed spheres
Of these troubles, kindly tell me some
Perhaps my words can help to ease your fears.

When wanderers consent to share their guiding light
No longer do we suffer empty, lonesome flight.


The Wizard's Oath

In Life's name and for Life's sake, I say that I will use the Art for nothing but the service of that Life. I will guard growth and ease pain. I will fight to preserve what grows and lives well in its own way; and I will change no object or creature unless its growth and life, or that of the system of which it is part, are threatened. To these ends, in the practice of my Art, I will put aside fear for courage, and death for life, when it is right to do so -- till Universe's end.

(from Diane Duane's Young Wizards series)

I have an AMD K6 II 500 processor, or at least that's what the sticker on it says. What can I do with it? (What should I do with it?)

Cloned beef! Vat soon, I hope.

Tea is not dehydrating!

figment0 stopped by when he did not see me today, to make sure I was OK. This led to him joining me in doing a spot of housecleaning -- I got the sink cleared out and dishes put away, and we both cleaned up the stove.

The bloody bit of furniture turned out to be Not In Stock in all the places we called. Alas! That bit most mightily. It might have been able to be ordered online, but shipping is a bitch. Amusingly, I'd been looking at a near-identical piece some months ago. Shelves instead. And by that time it was pretty late, alas.

The wee beastie that I'd thought was a Compaq isn't. And it's got a DVD drive. I'll be taking a gander at it a bit later on, perhaps Saturday or Sunday. I got a paper bag of random down to the laundry room, and I've two boxes that want stuff put in and taken out. (Actually, what I think I might do is use those to pack random stuff to the con, as I've a reasonable amount of random that I might want to share out, and a con is a marvelous place for taking care of random brandy and so forth. ...and actually, taking a look at my liquor cabinet, most of it is either stuff I want to have on hand or soda. And I've been having about a drink a week to start taking care of some of this stuff.)

Tonight's random drink is: livewire with triple sec, garnished with cinnamon-sugar. It's surprisingly tasty! I cannot taste the alcohol in it. Which might only be my defective taste buds, but still.

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