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freshstartwrite again, and con prep

Tonight was an evening of just general awesome. Well, OK, the stuck in traffic part was not awesome, but what do you get when you have a carful of assorted fangirls? You get a lot of fun. Despite the fact that I left my water at home, I had an excellent evening. samurai_ko fit right in and all was utter happiness and gigglitude and suchlike. What's more? She lives at the 1/4 mark between the domicile of trystan_laryssa and the Asylum. There shall be carpooling and socializing, oh yes! She's also plotting to convert me to the joys of her workplace! (ladydiana, she's to be nagging me on that front now!)

I demonstrated the creamer thing after dinner. There was spray. Ooops.

I spent rather a lot of time dumping assorted hair gel type things into one big bottle, mostly because the bottle that I had been using had a pump malfunction that refused to be repaired. End result? One liter of glitter hair gel. Since the Lunatic was bored, the hair got piled on top of the head, a generous squirt of the random blue Manic Panic was applied, and a shower cap was put over the mess. This occupied my hair while I was hanging out on IRC. It'll take some drying before any color shows, and what color there is won't be much. Blue over dark, dark brown does not come out well. It generally makes the hair blacker under all but the brightest of lights.

I also have a shiny new userpic. That's not my actual hair, though if my hair were that length, it would look just like that. Except that wig has more blue than my actual hair. Alas. I spent some time in The Gimp making everything all happy. I was going for a cameo effect, though the border spoils that. I blurred it ever so slightly, enhanced my necklace just a touch, removed the background, cropped in an oval, and put in a silly border. I want my necklace to show in photos of me. It's a bit of a submissive-thing.

Also... Roswell. Note that el Reg is infamous for wordplay, and cannot resist a good example. Or, in this case, bad example.

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