Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Con Post I, to be backdated: 8/31, 6:03 pm

Here at the hotel. Lovely, really. I have commandeered an open electrical outlet in the lobby, after learning that indeed the con is not yet set up for the pre-registered to pick up their badges. I have the new microphone with me, and it is working nicely. I was self-conscious about belting something out in full earshot of the entire courtyard, so I wasn't very loud, but it comes through nice and clear and it is a reasonably priced for the quality bit of equipment.

There are a lot of ASU students around. There's an ASU game tonight, or this weekend, or something. I think I'm going to wind up bringing the computer and all back to the car, because it's heavy and needs keeping track of, and I have books.

I'm wearing the same wig that I'm wearing in my cameo userpic, and it looks really nice.

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