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A short one! news and the new site scheme

news: Check out the mad cool new site scheme! It's going partially live now, so people can use it and see it and switch to it if they like it. It's going default for everyone September 14th, so if you don't like it, make sure you pick your favorite site scheme now so you won't be inconvenienced!

slashdot refugees: "First Post!"
Belated slashdot refugees: "First Post! Um, first page? Damn, page 2."

Happy Users: "Sweet new site scheme here! Except for these small things that could be improved..."
LJ Developers: "Gee, those would have been nice to know when it was in beta, but good point..."

Disgruntled Users: "OMG why are you wasting so much time and money on crap like this? I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it. STOP SPRINGING THESE THINGS ON US, LJ!!!!"
Slightly More Clueful Non-Thrilled Users: "Ick. I'll be keeping my current site scheme, thankyouverymuch. Um, thanks for telling us in advance so we won't be nastily surprised some morning? Nice improvement there."
Disgruntled Users: *troll madly*
Everybody else: *ignores them*

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