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Coppercon: Saturday evening/Sunday morning

I now know the difference between enthusiastic "OMG that was so cool" filk circle applause and too-hearty "Nice try!" filk circle applause. I got the former for my delivery of "George Lucas's Ghost", and the latter for "High-Speed Connection". I need to rehearse that one, with the tune in my ears.

I zooped out of filking at 11 or so for the Alien Sex Toys panel. That was horribly giggly and great fun. There was at least one person in the audience who set off my predator alarms; I would make sure to avoid his presence in any context other than attending a public event together. I'd not want to converse with him, not even in public.

When we got back to the filk, things were wrapping up. I was pounced upon for my internet-fu the instant I came through the doors. Someone half-had "Quaddie Ballet", and couldn't quite get the tune. I half-had the tune too. Google found lyrics with Echo's Children, but not sheet music. We managed to have fun with it despite it all. The reason that one doesn't stick in my head like it should is because of the harmonies. I can't sing harmony with myself, so it comes out wrong, halfway between the notes.

"Do you do the Butterbug Blues?" I asked. She did. We proceeded to whoop and holler our way through that, after a few missteps at the beginning where I was singing too high for her. So I shifted to my tenor range and we fairly well nailed it.

smmc sort of showed up a bit belatedly, and alas, we were decamping. So we hit the anime room. There was yaoi! Silly, PG-13 yaoi. There was this magical hotspring that granted wishes, and while the two lovebirds were getting it on in the main hotspring, the three little kids wished themselves grown-up already, and the three tired teenage babysitters wished themselves little kids again. Then this guy came out of nowhere and figured out how to get them all back again. (Evidently he only shows up for this episode.)

The laptop battery only holds half-charge now, alas!

Then there was a movie about a goat and a wolf who became friends. It was lovely and when I was tiny I would have hated it because it would have made me cry. I checked the desk to see where I should put Vash. Evidently right there was fine for the weekend; Monday, I should park over thattaway. Then I got my shower and went to bed. There was kinderscreaming. Kinderscreaming happens. Fortunately, by the time I got out of the bath, it was all over. Except for scooping the larger kinder out of my bed and re-ensconcing him on the couch. (He attempted to crawl in with me later; Mommy reclaimed him.)

Now it is morning-ish. I found a can of peaches and a saving roll. (I have been making that joke all weekend.)

Bird crap. Bird crap is another disadvantage to checking e-mail in the courtyard. It's also too bright to properly see my screen and has no electrical outlets. So I went into the gaming room. The guy who resembles Darkside is in here. Fortunately for my sanity, he's also rather louder and more outgoing, so I am not getting the full hormone-whammy.

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