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Random little natterings

There were kids in the lobby with straw-rocket-balloons. One kid complained that his was leaking. It was spit, of course. "Rocket fuel?" I asked. He giggled and proceeded to actively drool into his balloon to enhance the effect. EWW.

Shared trickofthedark's latest HP Widdershins ficlet with tamtrible. There was much of the giggling.

Cuddling up to a warm laptop is a good cure for over-air-conditioning. Hooray for laptops. Hooray for conventions. Hooray for wireless internet.

I'm still not all the way awake. I suspect I'm not going to be very much of that for very much of the rest of the weekend, though I seem to be hatching a Cunning Plan.

...Last night I was hit by an incredible spasm of the "erk I haven't seen Darkside in far too long" and nearly went spare. So. Since there's not much programming this afternoon that I Absolutely Have to See, I may well ditch the con for an afternoon and head out to Mesa. I'm halfway there already...

Someone was under the impression that I was in costume as a fairy yesterday. Evidently when I am perky, I am Very, Very Perky. I was just in my regular clothes, with the fluffy skirt and the high-energy. No fairy costume, just me. (Is that really how I look?)

Picked up a copy of Pretty Little Dead Girl. This makes me very happy.

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