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...and then I have a very amusing interlude writing collaborative randomness with tamtrible and lord_maahes, and I think that there's serious potential for this con. Only half of everyone left when the Leslie Fish concert was over! That does not make me the happy, because people for filk circle are good!

Aha! Filk circle is attracting people! We might actually fill up the bulk of the chairs! Whee!!

Commentary from the concert:
Leslie Fish in concert! Hooray! She was my actual introduction to filk in Carmen Miranda's Ghost.
Naomi likes Leslie Fish. (Oh dear.)
Leslie Fish has cats to give away. Maybe Heather and I can use a cat? Um, not in the studio dear.
Note to self: invite a friendly spirit inside computers.
Always inward-turning
Homeward star is brightly burning
The slightly telepathic backup guitarist. Perfect adaptation for the position!

Google is my songbook!
Danegeld (to get on Seanan's good side, you have to know gross songs, says the guy with the guitar)

Does a filk circle count as a grown-up game of musical chairs?

Sang "Goodnight, Demon Slayer." Could use lots of rehearsal on the verses, notably, the tune. Hooray

OMG. Steve Irwin is dead. Yes, I made sure that the address was good by going to the parent site.

It seems that Naomi has inherited most of Dagger and Marah both. Dear me. This could become scary!

It is good that crying children can be rushed out to avoid disruption of the festivities.
"And if you try shoving a kazoo up one of my dinosaurs, we're going to have a little talk!" -- cadhla to Leslie Fish, apropos of the "That's Just Wrong" type award Leslie got once, featuring a kazoo shoved into the groin of a stuffed Barney, and cadhla's cuddly stuffed velociraptor that the guy with the guitar got to hug.
"It's probably easier to pretend to be her if you're wearing her underwear." -- cadhla to the guy with the kids, the beard, and the hat.
"Nothing says love like a go-go girl in a cage." "Will there be spiders?" "..."
"Please state the nature of the musical emergency." (emergency holographic Nancy Freeman)
"Cesium's unstable, Amanda!" "That's why I thought you took it!"

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