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Google is my Songbook

I have been honing my Google-fu over the weekend by Googling up various filksongs, generally by listening to the lyrics, picking out a bit or two that are likely to be the way they're written and distinctive, putting those in as strings, and then putting either "lyrics" or "filk" in as well. The trick is doing this at speed with songs you've never heard before, in time to join in for more than just the chorus.

And once I've found it, I can save the link (and maybe even the lyrics) on LJ, so I won't have to go digging around dreadfully much more.

The Duras Sisters Virtual Songbook
The Virtual Filksing
Echo's Children
Pegasus Award Nominees
Dr. Demento Lyrics Page
TMBG Lyrics (and music!!) This Might Be a Wiki: Songs
Seanan McGuire's Lyrics Tag (I was in and out of there allll weekend)
Into the Woods (Google earned me much love on this one)
Joel's Filk Music (includes "50 ways to Kill an Ensign") (you'd be surprised how hard Voltaire is to Google for!!) (for those dead links)

One of the truly boggling moments was Sunday night, when someone requested a song from Leslie Fish, Leslie couldn't remember quite what she'd called it (and therefore how to find it in her songbooks) and I was sent off to Google to retrieve the name, armed with the artist and a few words. I found it, of course. (There was this anecdote about a very small kid struggling with the chorus of the Fisher Chant on a train, cheerfully repeating "Today one of us will die!" and the attendant unsettlement of those people who weren't aware of the song...)

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