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End of a saga?

When it was made known that there would be new management in the apartment complex, one of my first actions was to go, say hello to the new management, and voice my concerns about the laundry room. I repeated this a few days later. The new manager said that she was too new here to really know what was up, but she would take the concerns about the laundry room hours under consideration, and I should get back with her in about a week to see what her decision on the laundry room issue was.

Since Life Happens, I never did wind up back in the office, but I noticed something interesting.

The laundry room hours sign is down now.

The laundry room has been brightly lit at all hours lately.

The laundry room was not bolted when I went down just a few minutes ago with a box of stuff to pass on to others who could use it more.

I think we have our twenty-four-seven laundry room back! Glee!

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