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Housecleaning, and prelude to Porn Week

Fibro due to dysfunctional hippocampus?

Went through stacks of papers. Punched and weeded and did a very cursory sort. Shredded a whole lot. When I am feeling inspired (read: masochistic) I will go through assorted binders of papers and sort and weed some more.

One of the fun tasks of the cleanup is going through the old calendars. Clearly, there is no need for a large wall calendar to remain in the files when all the information on it is so very small. Therefore, I took care of the 2003 household calendar in this fashion. It was so cool that LF had his stuff on the calendar. It was posted centrally, on the main corkboard, and we could see what was happening when. It was nice. It was organized and scheduled. I put up the school calendar there as well, and only transferred over items of special interest.

When I have my own house that I've designed myself, there is going to be a large display console in the planned central high-traffic area, and the default thing displayed on this will be the household electronic calendar. This calendar will share the calendars of all household members plus the household-specific stuff.

Writing group involved chaos and a spin-up in the direction of next week's Porn Week. Also, we loves our waiter. Next week will be chocolate, erotica, and divination. I'm going to have to go in search of some soymilk or something to counteract the brownies.

hcolleen is firmly of the opinion that I should not have coffee or anything else like that after dark, on the grounds that it keeps me up way late.

I'm writing an outtake from Circle of Fire for Porn Week. Strictly AU, or at least I'll make it be that way. AUs don't count. I'm already feeling the heat and they're barely even touching and can't see each other. (Um, is it a bad sign if I can't remember my female protagonist's name?) One good thing about romance novels: Mary Sue is expected, and even encouraged. Too bad my Mary Sues have a thing for geekboys.

In semi-related news, Helen Narbon and Dave Davenport are clearly made for each other.

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