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Darkside Blues

You Get the Tickets -- the perfect song lyrics to think of just after declaring to Darkside that I would be a willing partner for all watching-of-movie events, so long as there was not too much in the way of gross blood and guts. Only, um... right. Perhaps the only persuasion that would get me watching that kind of movie, so long as I had warning when I needed to close my eyes.

I had impeccable timing for once. The old man was hanging out watching an old Hong Kong action flick with Darkside, so when the phone rang: "This might be your cue to leave." He picked up; it was me; "Yes, this is your cue." And Oldus Geezius departed. Darkside congratulated me on the timing.

Next weekend is probably out.

We did have a nice half-hour of just random babbling and him watching the movie and me being entertained and us being happy. Yay for happiness. Yay for the phone.

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