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Snails and spice

Passive-aggressive snappishness at someone who probably won't read this:
And then there's "too touchy to notice if someone's intending to be an ass or intending to be mildly amusing".
Though to be fair, both participants in said mini-'splosion are so utterly socially clueless that it's a wonder either of them survive. Looks like the one survives by either lashing out and being sarcastic and defensive or completely hermiting-up if there's the slightest chance that something might be wrong, and the other one survives by being sweeter than sugar laced with aspartame and that's on the bad days (and sometimes that makes me really want to make with the slappy).
Either way, not something that I want to get anywhere near the middle of.

As a contrast, work was excellent! I tracked down a bug and squished it; I made the (draft) quarter report work effortlessly; I prepared a presentation for the meeting at the end of the month; Snarky Lady and I had a great meeting with Management; I might get my own devoted workstation. Glee! Today was like insanely productive. I also need to remember to pack my own snacks with me, because I had perfectly good almonds and chocolate chips that were at home because I didn't bother to grab my backpack, and M&Ms from the vending machine are not an economically-savvy substitution. -- LJ thread unfolder. I've been needing one of these.

I should have brought my headphones today, too. No need to make Area 3 suffer with poor Mister Grimshaw.

Snarky Lady told me with some snickering yesterday about Leftover Leftover Guy's new haircut. It's a doozy. He's very proud of it, though.

Trying to get GAIM to work. I suspect a re-boot is in order.

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